Five industries that are being moulded by AI

Are you ready for a future world that's more tech-savvy? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world we live in and how we engage with it. From the way we navigate from place to place to the food and medicines that fuel and heal us – here is how AI is changing five well-known industries. 


In the past year alone, there have been several technological milestones in the travel industry thanks to AI. We’ve seen the introduction of tech-savvy airports like the Singapore hub – which incorporates high-end facial recognition technology to help you get through airport checks with minimal delay - and innovations like self-driving luggage to make a traveller's life even easier.

The vehicles that take us places are also becoming smarter. From self-driving buses to hyperloop speed trains powered by magnetic energy and cars are slowly but surely edging to become more autonomous. Semi-autonomous driving is already a reality and we're growing closer to the existence of fully autonomous cars. At this rate who knows where we’ll be or how we’ll get there in 2030.

Media & Entertainment 

It wouldn’t be a major leap or adjustment for this industry to go fully AI. As an industry that's no stranger to tech-savvy advances - having already given rise to incredible visual effects as well as virtual and augmented reality over the last two decades - one can only imagine the growth potential for AI in entertainment.

In fact, VR and AR already incorporate a form of AI in their coding – allowing users to enjoy a truly immersive experience – either through imagery, gaming, cinematic or virtual travel experiences. AI also plays a role in predictive analytics – which help media companies predict the trends and preferences of their audience segment. We’re also starting to see growing popularity in virtual popstars such as the controversial Lil Miquela, who claims to be a "living" singing robot. 

Another innovative and globally captivating move made in the media was when the popular series Black Mirror debuted their feature film – Bandersnatch. This film allowed viewers to interact with the film and choose their own fate by incorporating several trial and error questions - similarly to how many digital games programme their interface.    


AI has already had a major impact on the medical field through quick and efficient data analysis programmes. According to Forbes, “It is playing a big role in healthcare data. When healthcare data uses AI, it provides new and improved analytics. AI analytics are of use in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.” They further explain that AI can provide patients with more targeted care.  

Aside from health data, AI also offers the industry the ability to present 3D replicas of a patient’s anatomy or affected area – allowing professionals in the industry to record everything from the patient's physiological data to their medical images. 


While the agricultural industry is arguably one of the oldest global industries to exist, it too is seeing a beneficial impact from the introduction of AI. According to Forbes, the introduction of tech into the natural space of agriculture isn’t a completely new or bizarre notion. We’ve seen the use of technologies that have led to more sustainable and productive farming methods – as seen in newer and smarter irrigation methods.  

AI can assist with how agricultural data is received and digested – allowing farmers and agricultural technicians to develop new practices and improvements that could better the industry as well as the quality of the food produced.   

Agricultural workers could also have their roles impacted by the rise in demand for agricultural bots and driverless tractors. AI bots are predicted to be able to harvest crops at a higher volume and faster pace than human labourers, more accurately identify and eliminate weeds, and reduce farming costs by having a 24-hour labour force. 


The retail world is no stranger to AI, we’ve already seen it make its way into product recommendations or ads that weave their way conveniently into our social media platforms.

According to Forbes, we’ll start to see a greater shift to online shopping. But for those brick and mortar stores that remain, AI will inevitably transform the retail industry by the way it engages and interacts on a personal level with its clientele.  Shop fronts like Giant Eagle and Walmart in the US have already incorporated AI robots in their stores to scan aisles for any missing or misplaced products. Likewise, the manpower required for security might be scaled back to include newer technology, like drones, in order to cover more ground and more effectively assess potential store threats or risks.  

Artificial intelligence is the way of the future and looks set to transform every aspect of our lives. While the change to come may be daunting, BMW Select Finance gives you complete peace of mind with a guaranteed end-of-term value that shields you from depreciation. Making it the smartest choice in an AI-driven world.

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