Home to some of the friendliest people in the country, Feed Mzansi arrives at Food Lover’s Market Moffet Retail Park Gqeberha, where food consultant Rozanne Taljaard cooks a finger-licking meal (literally!) for 40 young boys at the Khayalethu Youth Centre in Theescombe.

Home to stunning beaches and spectacular wildlife, Feed Mzansi pumps the brakes in The Windy City.  

We’re on an inspiring road trip providing nutritious, hearty meals to our country's most vulnerable children and seven weeks in, Feed Mzansi and Food Lover’s Market have filled the bellies of over 500 children, travelling thousands of kilometres between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. 

If you’re only joining us now, don’t get left in the dust. Buckle up and follow along our feel-good journey here.   

Who needs cutlery anyway? From sandwiches and wraps to crunchy veggies dipped in creamy hummus, we all know that food is yummier when you eat with your hands. This week, Chef Rozanne prepares ooey-gooey sticky chicken drumsticks that have the kids licking their fingers with delight! 

“The recipe that I will be making is sticky chicken [drumsticks] because I’ve never met a child that doesn’t like to eat with their hands. And a loaded broccoli and cauliflower bake. So it has broccoli and cauliflower, butternut, carrots, and baby potatoes. So it’s all very nutritionally dense food to help build up their strength, [and] their mental and their physical development,” says Chef Rozanne about the recipe she has prepared.  

Fun Food Fact: When children eat with their hands it can prevent them from burning their tongues. Our fingertips are way more sensitive than the inside of our mouth, which acts like the body's warning system.

Chef Rozanne ticks off her shopping list at Food Lover’s Market Moffett Retail Park, where she jam-packs her shopping trolley with crunchy, fresh, colourful vegetables and protein-packed chicken. Sharing a tip for making the most out of your trip to the grocery store Rozanne says: “I try to look for the freshest, best-looking fruit and veg available [with] no blemishes. Go for the reddest strawberries or the greenest apples.” 

A mom herself, Chef Rozanne says: “Child nutrition is something that is very dear to my heart, and something that I feel very passionate and strongly about.” She adds that due to most parents working full-time, it can become challenging to prioritise nutrition, but she encourages parents to be more conscious of healthy eating habits at the dinner table. 

Fun Food Tip: To encourage children to eat, and love vegetables, try incorporating more vegetables in dishes that they already enjoy. Introduce different vegetable toppings to pizza or add a few carrots, and bell peppers to your pasta sauce. 

When we arrive at Khayalethu Youth Centre, there’s no time to waste, with lunchtime fast approaching and 40 hungry tummies growling. Chef Rozanne quickly unpacks the shopping bags, and sharpens her knives, as she prepares to chop broccoli, carrots, and butternut for the vegetable bake.   

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned on our feel-good road trip, it’s that no chef can go wrong with a creamy cheesy bake – simple, satisfying and kid-approved. See what other cheesy feasts our chef’s have created!

Speaking to the director of the Khayalethu Youth Centre, Dr Marietjie van der Merwe, we learn more about the organisation, which provides a home for 35 at-risk children, aged between six and 21. 

The organisation aims to prepare these boys physically, emotionally and intellectually to become responsible, functioning members of society. The boys are removed from danger, away from a life of crime, abuse and poverty, and given another chance to reach their potential.

Nutrition is important at every age. But young children especially need proper nutrients to stay healthy, and strong to learn, play and develop.  

With stacks of empty plates making their way back to the kitchen, Chef Rozanne looks back on the day, saying: “There are no words to describe the feeling of elation, to be part of such an incredible campaign. I’m amazed by the resilience that some of these boys have shown and it’s absolutely incredible to be part of something that is so amazing. It exceeded my wildest expectations.” 

By dedicating our time to helping others, we are doing our part to bond people together. Join our mission of filling hungry bellies and warming hearts across the country. Big or small, how can you make a difference in the life of someone else today? 

At the end of the video series, one lucky chef with the most votes will receive R25 000 to donate to their featured child and youth care centre. 


Our charitable road trip across the country has come to an inspiring end. As a thank-you to our readers who have followed and voted along our hopeful journey, Food Lover's Market has rewarded nine lucky voters with a R2000 Food Lover’s Market voucher each.

Chef Rozanne Taljaard received the most entries in the Feed Mzansi competition and donated the R25 000 prize to Khayalethu Youth Centre. 

Watch Chef Rozanne's Food Journey again:

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