No one likes to think about getting seriously ill. But, the best time to prepare for potential illness is while you are still healthy.

I am Covered is a 3 part series that reveals the best tips and tricks to future-proof your health. In 2017, a special report showed cancer kills more South Africans than HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Truth is, proactive planning is the only way you can better prepare for the cost of cancer and we are here to help you do it. Through the stories of real people who have survived their journey with cancer, you will learn how best to prepare yourself and your loved ones should they ever find themselves with a positive diagnosis.

Episode 1: Self-Care

My Self-Care Story:
Piliswa Mazikwana

Piliswa Mazikwana is a passionate nurse and breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24 and didn’t have a family history of the disease.

She survived chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation treatment — and recently took the leap to undergo reconstructive breast surgery, six years after diagnosis. This is her story.


Self-Care financial expert advice from Lee Hancox:

The best way to care for yourself is to ensure you are financially ready to handle health challenges. Financial expert, Lee Hancox shares essential tips on getting your personal affairs in order.


Self-Care health expert advice from Dr Helen Weber:

Looking after yourself holistically means looking after your mental and physical health. Medical advisor, Dr Helen Weber says it’s vital to regularly schedule visits to your doctor and adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce your risk of cancer where possible. Here's how…