No one likes to think about getting seriously ill. But, the best time to prepare for potential illness is while you are still healthy.

I am Covered is a 3 part series that reveals the best tips and tricks to future-proof your health. In 2017, a special report showed cancer kills more South Africans than HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Truth is, proactive planning is the only way you can better prepare for the cost of cancer and we are here to help you do it. Through the stories of real people who have survived their journey with cancer, you will learn how best to prepare yourself and your loved ones should they ever find themselves with a positive diagnosis.

Episode 2: Family

My Family Story:
Ruth Melim

Much like many South Africans, Cape Town resident, Ruth Melim has a known family history of cancer. In 2016 after a routine check-up, Ruth was compelled to follow up on a referral for a mammogram made by her doctor.

After putting it off for some time her loved ones urged her to be proactive and take the test she had been putting off. The results confirmed her fears. This is her story.


Family financial expert advice from Lee Hancox:

From cancer-related treatment costs to indirect expenses such as mental health services or extra childcare services, the cost of cancer is multidimensional. Financial expert, Lee Hancox advises how one can structure their finances to protect both their financial security and the security of family members. Here's how...


Family health expert advice from Dr Marion Morkel:

Building a sound relationship with your medical team is paramount in staying on top of early detection. Health expert, Dr Marion Morkel insists that one starts to educate their families as early as possible to build awareness for one's body so that any changes to the body are noticed well in advance. Find out more...