Pharmacist Sham Moodley

Sham Moodley is a community pharmacist based in the Durban South Basin area, and he also serves as a Director in the Care Group of Pharmacists.

Sham is deeply rooted in his community, and his passion and determination to give back shows. From helping and supporting a student to fulfill her study dreams to galvanizing his community to fund-raise for customers of his that lost everything in a fire.

This Pharmacist of the year winner is proud to serve the community he grew up in.

The registered NPO Sham Moodley is nominating is:
"The Sunflower Foundation".

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These winners will walk away with an all-expenses-paid trip to an overseas medical conference of their choice, as well as the opportunity to pay-it-forward by donating R25 000 to a registered NPO charity of their choice.