Rex Dlamini

With almost four decades of experience as a pharmacist, Rex Dlamini believes passion and patience are the keys to success. He lives by a core philosophy - to give back, to do more, and to pay it forward. This has led him to establish numerous community upliftment projects and initiatives through his pharmacies.

His Pharmacist Assistant training programme gives graduates the opportunity to get Pharmaceutical experience by working alongside Rex. In the 15 years that it's been running, over 80 assistants have gone on to be the breadwinners of their families. Rex also supports a local old age centre and the association for mentally challenged and his vegetable garden programme helps those who are unemployed provide for their families. To help fundraise and promote healthy living he also hosts the Gazamed marathon each year.

In Rex's own words, "If I have something, can't I also help my fellow man?"

The registered NPO Rex Dlamini is nominating is:
"Lwandlanene Care Centre" .

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