Dr. Hugo Tempelman

Doctor Hugo Tempelman found his calling in the Moutse Valley area of Limpopo almost 30 years ago. After seeing the need for proper healthcare in the area, he and his wife, Liesje, decided to open a clinic, and in 1994 they mortgaged their own home to fund the build.

What started as a small health clinic, Ndlovu Medical Centre, has since expanded into a Non-Profit-Organisation, the Ndlovu Care Group that address healthcare, child and youth needs, WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), infrastructure support and research for improved community development.

One of the most well-known initiatives to date is the Ndlovu Youth Choir. Started as a sanctuary and healing programme for vulnerable children in the area, the vocal powerhouse group achieved international fame at the 2019 America's Got Talent competition.

Templeman is known by his community as a generous and compassionate pillar of hope and strength. He has been given a Zulu name 'Hlanganani' by the people of Moutse, which means “he who brings people together”. Templeman views this is a great honour because he believes that’s what he has been trying to do for the past 30 years.

The registered NPO Hugo Tempelman is nominating is:
"Ndlovu Care Group".

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