Ilse Morkel

Ilse Morkel is a pharmacist at Braude's Pharmacy in Athlone. She is known for her kindness, compassion and for always going the extra mile for her clients. Alongside her husband David, Ilse took over Braudes Pharmacy in 2014. "David and Ilse are phenomenal people who are always there to give back to the community in whatever they do," a loyal client says.

From arranging fun runs for charity to driving clients to hospital, Ilse and Braude's Pharmacy go above and beyond to provide affordable and accessible services to the Athlone community. Her future aspiration is to make their clinic free-operational and to build an even stronger independent pharmacy.

Watch as more of Ilse's clients share their heartfelt stories of how she and Braude's Pharmacy have served their community.

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"Humanity is our life" .

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