6 Pocket-sized defences

From button-sized human alarms to tasers – here’s the tech design to ward off threat and keep you safe when out and about

We all want to feel a bit safer when we are out and about. And to do so doesn’t mean you need to resort to a team of armed escorts, it just means you need to keep your wits about you, be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts and carry a little extra protection in your pockets or handbag to help you escape any situation.

Here are 6 pocket-sized defence weapons that can inconspicuously sit in your purse, on your keychain or on your ring finger:

Stun guns

Stun guns come in all shapes and sizes as well as convenient purse-sized disguises. From lipstick-shaped stun guns to ones that are shaped like your cell phone – these pocket-friendly versions are built for convenience and safety. They’ll be sure to have you feeling a little more guarded when out and about. 

Pepper spray

Likewise, pepper spray also comes in convenient and inconspicuous packaging – from faux lipstick containers to keychains that are quick to grab and spray in the case of an emergency. The small and easy to slip in your purse or pocket packaging is convenient and sure to leave you feeling that much safer.

Body alarm

Your body is your first home and these bodily alarms can help warn passers-by or other pedestrians of a possible attacker. They come in small keychain buttons, built for convenience, ease and safety that emit loud frequency sounds. You can even opt for a portable mini horn that can quickly release a loud and jarring sound that could ward off an attacker, while alerting those around.

Tactical keychain

Tactical keychains can often be mistaken for cute and harmless; however, ones that feature spikes or sharp edges can help maim and free you from an attacker, should you be under threat. These come in various shapes, most popularly in the shape of a cat head with two holes for your fingers where the cat eyes would be and sharp-edged ears.

Monkey ball

Less commonly known, a monkey ball is essentially a tense ball of yarn or rope that encases a steel ball and features a loose piece of rope or yarn for you to grip and swing. The dense ball can easily maim or deem an attacker unconscious long enough for you to run or shout for assistance from those nearby. These can be found in keychain versions for quick and easy access in an emergency and are convenient enough to hide in your bag while leaving you feeling safe.

Emergency services on speed dial

We’re always carrying our phones in our pockets and purses and having a few emergency numbers on speed dial could come in handy. There are also several emergency apps and tricks you can enable on your phone to alert someone if you’re in an emergency or under threat. Check your phone settings to see what your emergency numbers and tricks are for your device. Momentum has also included a feature that works conveniently on your cell phone. Their Safety Alert feature is a panic button you can tap on your phone for emergency assistance. It’s as easy as inconspicuously pressing the button on your phone while it’s in your bag to send out an alert.

While these defence weapons won’t wholly rid the issue at hand, we hope that they help you feel safer while out and about and that they allow you to live your best life while feeling armed against the risks.

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