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Ownership as a topic has been widely discussed in many spheres of life. It yields leverage, creates generational wealth and the freedom to bear more fruit.

Own it is a series that speaks to small business owners who think big.

Get all the advice you didn't know you needed. These articles and podcasts will assist in realising the ultimate potential of your small business.

On today’s segment of The Bold Leap business podcast, Zoe Brown chats to zero-waste and sustainability expert, Tina Bayer – the founder of the environmentally-conscious Eco Elephant brand. Running the online store from her home, Tina hopes to make sustainable living easy to access for South Africans, through the simple click of a button.

Join Zoe as she chats to Tina about everything from what she wishes she knew when starting up her business, from navigating competitors in her field, to standing out in her niche and the lessons she's learnt along the way.