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Let’s get social in this week's brand new episode on the Internet and social media. What are the ways in which the Internet can empower us or our businesses, and what are some drawbacks to look out for?

Radio broadcaster and author Elma Smit gives her tips to all aspiring influencers, while CEO Nicholas Bell highlights important things to consider when taking your business digital.

The Internet and Social Media

The Internet and social media have been incredible tools for empowering the world and businesses over the last three decades.

Like all things, there are two sides to the story. Let's explore the pros and the cons by tapping into the power of expert advice.

Deputy CEO of Momentum Metropolitan Jeanette Marais thinks back to the wonderful opportunities that the Internet opened up over the last testing, but fruitful year.

"If I think back to this COVID-19 period, how incredibly our lives have changed because of the Internet. In our company, we had a week to move 16 500 people to work from home. We actually managed to do that with almost no interruption to our daily operation of our business."
Jeanette Marais - Deputy CEO, Momentum Metropolitan

Access, reach and tips

The Internet also empowers individual businesses with amazing opportunities. With the world getting smaller and reach getting larger, it gives you access to clients you wouldn't be able to reach physically.

While there are beautiful fruits that come with accessing the Internet, Jeanette wants you to be cognisant of some the potential dangers too.

1. Be careful about free information - "When you find information that is free, be sure of the real facts, don't always believe everything you see."

2. Do your research - "Make sure you do your research on a specific topic, especially on financial services, so that what you see is trustworthy. Do some extra research after you see something on social media. Speak to people or go to the website of the company you intend to deal with."

3. Protect your personal info - "Lastly and probably the most important, be very vigilant about your personal information. Don't ever provide your personal information to someone that you don’t know and don’t trust."

Ultimately, the Internet has helped empower millions, and has come to change our world.

"It's made the world a lot smaller and gives us access to so many new businesses and so much information, and it is really one of the most positive aspects of our lives today that we have instant access to the Internet and all of the wonderful information on it."
Jeanette Marais - Deputy CEO, Momentum Metropolitan
(Image source: Pexels)
(Image source: Pexels)

Web Tips

Theo Vorster, CEO of Galileo Capital, thinks back to a time when someone once used a cheque book to pay for groceries, or received a boarding pass booklet to fly abroad.

"These things are not there anymore. You can walk with your cellphone straight through the airport and onto the airplane," Vorster says.

Nowadays, someone can work for Amazon's call centre from an office in Johannesburg, or move savings from one account to another on their smartphone.

In an ever-changing world that will continue to change, Theo gives us his top tips on how to stay agile and make wise financial decisions in the era of the Internet and social media.

Success Stories: Decision Inc

Nicolas Bell, founder and CEO of Decision Inc, runs a successful global technology services business that empowers clients to introduce new and innovative technology into their operation.

He gives us his tips on what it takes to take your business digital.

Be visible - "Make sure you have an online presence and that people can find your business. So much is lost in people not being able to figure out where you are and who you are."

Use your data - "There is so much information that you have about your customers and about what you sell. If you can understand what customers are buying from you, what customers need, you can use that information to do different things."
Nicholas Bell - CEO, Decision Inc

Use cloud technology - "Cloud technology makes it so much easier to scale your business without having to spend so much." Technology platforms in the cloud help you to store and access large amounts of data without having to build big systems. You can even manage your banking and finances in the cloud.

Watch the video for more valuable tips from Nicholas, including the benefits of embracing learning...

Success Stories: Elma Smit

Radio broadcaster and author Elma Smit penned Become an Influencer, a book on how she became a social media influencer.

She also received input from notable social media figures such as Rachel Kolisi, Maps Maponyane and Nadia Jaftha. She gives us some tips for being successful in the social media space...

Think like an entrepreneur – "If you want to become an influencer, I don't think you need to be popular; you need to think like an entrepreneur. Figure out what your unique selling point is: the thing that people will follow you for. "

Be useful - Elma believes there is one main element in all good content. "I would say it is being useful. Once you are useful and you create good content that people find compelling, it will be really easy to attract some money and clients."

What the video to hear more tips from Elma, including how to approach working with brands