Terms and Conditions

Food Lover's Market: Feed Mzansi Competition Rules


1. The promoter of this competition is Media24 Proprietary Limited, acting through its 24.com division ("24.com", "we" or "us").

2. The competition starts on 24 August 2022 and closes at 23h00 on 26 October 2022, unless otherwise informed by 24.com.

3. The competition is open to South African residents only.

4. Entrants must be over the age of 18.

5. The following persons are excluded from this competition:

5.1. a director, member, partner, employee or agent of, or consultant to 24.com or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by 24.com; and

5.2. a supplier of goods or services in connection with this competition; and

5.3. the spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members of the parties referred to in 5.1 and 5.2.

6. If you have won a 24.com competition within the last 30 calendar days, you may not participate in this competition.

7. All entries must be made from one of our Platforms. Our "Platforms" refer to our websites, mobile sites, mobile apps or social media platforms where this competition is displayed or advertised. By clicking on the competition link on our Platforms, participants will be directed to the competition page where they will have to complete The Shopper Survey, answer the survey questions and provide us with the information required. After completing the entry form, the participant must click on Submit survey.

8. If any of the information submitted is incomplete, incorrect or otherwise invalid, your entry will not be considered.

9. Your personal information will be used in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy (http://www.media24.com/privacy/). Voters' contact information will only be shared with client to arrange for weekly voucher prize handovers.

10. Only one entry per individual will be allowed.

11. All entries, duly completed, must be received by 24.com before the competition closing date and time. If not, such entry will not be eligible, regardless of the reason for the late receipt of the entry, including due to lost, late or misdirected mail; printing errors; server unavailability; or computer or any other electronic or telecommunications malfunction. All entries received that are mutilated, tampered with, or illegible will be void.


12.1. The final prize winner will be selected from the featured chefs based on who has received the most entries by the end of the campaign. This winner will be announced on or before 8 November 2022.

12.2. The weekly Food Lover's Market Voucher winners will be randomly selected from valid entrants who entered their details and voted for the relevant chef featured for that week. The weekly winners get announced the following week after the featured chef is live.

13. The winner's name may be published on the following sites and/or platforms:


14. The winner will also be notified by means of the contact details provided to us on or before 8 November 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.

15. You are hereby informed of your right to decline:

15.1. the use of your image in marketing material;

15.2. an invitation to participate in any marketing activity;

15.3. an invitation to be present when the draw is taking place or the winner is announced.


16. The prize voucher will be delivered to the winner via courier.

16.1 We will require the winner to provide us with a physical address and mobile number where a recipient is available during office hours to facilitate the delivery of the voucher. Terms and conditions of the voucher applies. 

16.2 Unless we make alternative arrangements with the winner, the prize will be placed into the winner’s bank account.

17. We may require the winner to provide us with additional information as we may reasonably require (like his/her banking details).

18. The prize is non-transferable.

19. We reserve the right to cancel this competition, or to change the rules at our discretion or to change the prize at any time without notice to you.

20. Proof of identity will be required to collect the prize and we reserve the right to refuse payment or handing over of a prize to any potential winner who refuses to, or cannot, provide sufficient documentation to verify his/her identity.

21. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

22. Income and other taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

23. You may not be awarded a prize if it is unlawful for us to supply such a prize to you.

24. No "automated" entries will be allowed and all entries must be made by a natural person manually on our Platforms where the competition is displayed.

25. If any entry has been made in any manner which in 24.com's discretion may provide an entrant with an unfair advantage over other entrants, unless these rules specifically allow such conduct, such entrant will be automatically disqualified from this and all future competitions run by 24.com.


10 lucky weekly winners will stand the chance to win a R2 000 Food Lover’s Market voucher, when they enter their details and vote for the featured Chef and Charity for the week.

These weekly winners will randomly selected from valid voters who have voted and filled in the entry form below the video featured for that week.

The final winner selection from the featured chefs will receive a main prize of R25 000 which will go toward the featured charity organisation. This overall winner will be determined by the feature chef video that has the most votes by the end of the campaign.