The perfect home for your furry family.

Be it a walk, cuddle, playtime or time-out, our pets are there for every family moment.

Find new ways to show your pet the love it deserves by being a step ahead of any pesky infections, bites or irritations on their precious paws.

Being a parent to a happy, healthy (and oh-so-cute) pet is an easy and rewarding role when paired with healthy habits. Show South Africa how much you love your pet and stand a chance to win.

Make your dog famous and win!

Let's face it our pets have earned a treat for coping during these unprecedented times. Show your furry friend the love they deserves by entering the NexGard Spectra's Mzanzi's favourite dog competiton and stand a chance to win a hamper for your adorable pet. The prize for the winning dog includes exciting pet accessories and a supply of NexGard Spectra valued at R1,700.

To enter, answer a few simple questions and upload a picture of your perfect pup and submit your entry. Then get your friends and family to vote for your favourite pet.

Competition closes 7 January 2021