Fuelled for the future

Preparing your kids for the jobs of tomorrow

When it comes to our children and their future, it can be hard not to worry about what they will need to successfully navigate this rapidly changing world. 

A report by the World Economic Forum predicts that machines will do more than 50% of all labour globally by 2025. With this shift towards a more digitised and sustainable life, the traditional professions of past generations may not be the ‘safe bet’ for our children they once were. 

Experts and researchers have delved into the future, examining what jobs will likely be the most profitable and valuable by 2030. While many of today’s occupations will continue to be a part of the future, some will transform into something entirely new and others will disappear altogether. 

From career options that are space ready to jobs that will stand the test of time, here are ten jobs you can help get your kids prepped for when it comes to the working world of the future. 

Existing “future-proof” jobs

Software Developer 

The more technologically advanced our society gets, the more we need specialists in this field to help us manage and navigate future technological era. Software Development is not limited to merely being a computer programmer, the field also includes User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design which focuses on improving the experience or engagement of tech for users.  

Renewable Energy Technician

The world is striving to become a lot more eco-conscious and sustainable. We’re seeing this increasingly with the introduction of green energy and, more recently, major companies, like BMW, introducing electric-powered cars. And as a result, we will undoubtedly begin to see a lasting and higher demand for professionals in the field of renewable energy.  


A timeless job that will always be needed as long as we’re at risk of sickness.  However, as a result of telemedicine, portable diagnostics, medical drones and 3D printing; the role of medical professionals may look quite different in the future. With physicians, ultimately, taking on a larger role as digital translators that help their patients interface with technical data and medical technology.   


According to Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities the reason this field will see an increase in demand, is because we’re seeing the growth of an ageing and longer-living population. This means that there’ll be a greater influx of patients in need of care and older patients in need of at-home care. But, as with doctors, nurses will have to adapt to a digitised and technology run environment.  Informatics and data collection are changing the way nurses work. While the number of patient-facing nursing roles will continue to grow, alternative nursing positions such as nurse researcher or forensic nurse will increase in popularity as well.   


Advances in technology offer new methods of visualising projects and creating spaces that integrate with people's needs. From artificial intelligence to virtual, augmented and mixed reality to designing for online and product technology; the role of designer isn't going anywhere - as long as they are able to think beyond the screen into new realities.

Digital Rehab Counsellor 

With constant exposure to digital media and the growing dependency we have on our devices, the need for this type of counsellor isn’t as futuristic as it sounds. The World Health Organisation already recognises “gaming disorder” as a medical condition, with both a digital treatment centre in the USA and an Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) centre right here in South Africa. As with any addiction, there are neurological reasons we can’t just put down the phone. Tristan Harris, a former design ethicist and product philosopher at Google, draws a connection between smartphones and slot machines, except with your phone you never run out of coins and never need to stop... you can just keep scrolling.   

The jobs of the future

Commercial Space Pilot 

The way we travel is increasingly becoming more tech savvy. From electric and self-driving cars to hyperloop trains, commercial space travel doesn't seem too far from reality anymore. With the rapid development of aerospace technology, there will be a new need for skilled pilots who are eager to earn their space wings.

Artificial Organ Technician 

We’re already seeing major development in the realm of organ transplants. After several successful stem cell experiments, experts are finding that it is possible to 'grow' organs in a lab. This means that the long and risky wait on the transplant donor list for many patients who need a heart transplant or any other organ donation, will become a thing of the past. Stem cell research along with developments in 3D bioprinting might very well birth a calling for a new specialisation in the medical field.   

Personal Internet of Things (IoT) Repair Person

Today, we call plumbers or electricians when something goes wrong with our household appliances. But as our homes become progressively smarter, what are we going to do when our IoT gadgets stop working or get hacked? Smart home repairers are the supercharged IT guys of the future.  

Smart home architect, builder or designer 

Smart homes are already here but are constantly evolving and becoming more accessible and relevant in our day-to-day lives. A new wave of architects and builders will be tasked with designing these homes to be "smart home ready" and ensuring they integrate with next-generation technology. 

As you can see, preparing your children for a career of tomorrow is filled with unpredictability and excitement. As you help them get ready for the working world beyond 2020, however, there is one future you can be certain of.

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